I made up a new word, it’s flodder. It’s when you have something interesting that you instantly think, ooh that’s good fodder for my blog. It’s flodder.

I googled flodder and learned that it’s the name of the most successful Dutch film in history. So as you can see, I’m on to something.

I was in NY yesterday for work and between that and the days prior, I have a lot of flodder that I hope you’ll find interesting too.

One good source of flodder is a cab ride in New York City. You know how you’re never supposed to discuss religion or politics at dinner? I find they’re the perfect topics in a cab ride, because cab drivers (well, anyone really) always have opinions on both, strong ones, and aren’t afraid to share. I never verbally disagree or even really agree with them, I just keep asking questions to see what else they’ll say.

Almost always when I strike up a conversation with a cab driver he’ll ask me what nationality I am. I usually make them guess, and they never guess right. I get Italian usually first, then Hispanic, then some will guess Israeli while others will guess Middle Eastern. Sometimes I tell them the truth and sometimes I make it up. Yesterday, my cab driver asked me if I was Italian, and when I said no he asked if I was a Christian. Huh. I noticed his enormous bible in the front seat as soon as I sat down, so I said, I know that you are. For our 10+ minute cab ride, he told me all about what he loves about his faith, and he told me one thing I think you can get behind no matter what your personal views or beliefs: it is nice to be able to give up your stress and worries to someone else. Whether that’s God, your therapist, or your cat, I think that’s a beautiful way to reduce stress. Give it up. Don’t shoulder it alone.

Then my cab driver pulled over at my destination and said a prayer for me and my family. Then he gave me his card and asked me to come see him preach sometime. Then he gave me a candy cane with the history of candy canes printed on the package. At this point I reminded him I really needed my receipt. Then he gave me a pamphlet about his ministry. Then he told me all about how if I would call him, he’d give me insider information about a money-making venture that is going to make him a millionaire, and I seem nice so he’d like to get me in on it. Then he gave me another copy of his card. Then he asked me to say out loud, just once, “Jesus.” Then he gave me my receipt.

Is that flodder or what?


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  2. flodder from the other side. I once drove a cab in Philly and picked up a religious proctologist (that’s a fanatic who wants to shove it up your…) After five minutes of non-stop proselytizing I gave up and pulled over and threw him out. Not nice but I asked him to stop many times during his harangue. He refused to respect my privacy and just ranted embarrassingly. I don’t talk religion any more with any one.

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