One of my pregnant friends asked for photos of the munchkin’s room, since she’s currently working on her own nursery. So then I thought, ooh, I can make that a blog post. (Flodder.)

My husband and I put a lot of work into it and we’re really proud of it. And we think the munchkin likes it too.

This is her crib, which has her special “color blanket” hanging on the side. (Although when she says it, it sounds like she’s saying “cuddle blanket,” which is very cute.) She loves that blanket. And so do I – I used to go every week to a knitting group, and when I was really pregnant I stopped going because I felt too huge to move, and then when I had the munchkin I just became overwhelmed and stopped having any free time to go. So, one day I get a call from the knit shop’s owner, a friend of mine, who says – I have something for you and I’m leaving it outside your door. A few hours later I checked, and there it was – a beautiful blanket, each square knit by a member of the knitting group. It was so meaningful – and you know what, it’s really soft and machine washable too. We’re so lucky. (By the way, she also made the munchkin the coveted Baby Surprise Jacket. Swoon.)

Above the crib hangs the mobile my husband and I made before she was born. We made animals that we thought she’d get to see in the neighborhood – a dog, cat, squirrel, bird and rabbit.

Then we have the rocking chair (actually my dad’s old LaZBoy with a slipcover on it) and draped over that is the absolutely incredible blanket my grandma knit. Above it hangs two paintings by Bren Bataclan, who I was lucky enough to meet many years ago when his art was a little more affordable than now (but I’d still buy his art now…I am a huge fan!)

I love this adorable and sweet needlepoint that my mother-in-law (or as my aunt liked to say, mother-in-love) made for us!

Then the closet and dresser. The doors in her room, by the way, are painted a lovely pale green and the walls are pale blue. We thought she was going to be a boy. But I still like it this way.

Above the dresser is another art project we did before the munchkin was born. We took photos of all our family members in profile (including our cat!) and used photoshop + paint + exacto knife to create silouhettes. We used the paint that we used on the walls and doors. I love how it came out.

The fourth wall of the room has her diaper table, and above it we hung a needlepoint my mom did for my room back in the day (“the day” being the 1970’s). Above that my husband hung geese he made out of food boxes headed for the recycling bin. For a while when the munchkin wouldn’t sit still for diaper changes, these kept her sort of occupied.

The bottom shelf of the diaper table holds many of her books. As you probably noticed, they’re also throughout the room. Actually, they’re throughout the house. Like her parents she loves books, which makes us very happy.


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