Retail Therapy

I feel GROSS. I’m not sure why (stress maybe?) but a lot of my symptoms, which had been blissfully dormant for a few weeks, seem to have all come back. Last week I woke up with my nose hurting just like I’d blogged about a few months ago, and then got up all creaky with joint pain. Then I was fine for a while (my nose still hurts like crazy but my joints were fine), and then yesterday while I was trying to clean milk splatter off the furniture, the joints in my hand started aching too much for me to continue. I’m falling apart!

I’d love to just go shopping but we’re trying to save money until we sell the house. Sigh *love* shopping. Here are some things I’ve been coveting online (but won’t be buying.)

The munchkin already has a mobile, or else I’d totally buy this. It’s so cute!

Image from

I’d buy this if it were on sale, but alas it is a design student’s project. Please, oh please, put me on the waiting list – this is brilliant! (Thanks to swissmiss who found it first.)

Image from Nathalie Stampfli

The other thing I’d like to try to do to de-stress is exercise. I plan to blog more about this tomorrow. Those who know me are saying to themselves right now – wait, first she was cleaning and now she’s planning to exercise? What’s going on? I know. I can’t explain it.


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  1. sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling well lately. you may have one for lily already but just in case you don’t..maybe a humidifier would help your nose? it’s been so dry lately with the cold weather.

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