My Personal Trainer is 3 Feet Tall

And she has a potbelly. But she’s the best personal trainer I’ve ever had.

I enlisted the munchkin to motivate me to exercise. She runs around like crazy, I figured I might as well join in.

It all stems from this great Newsweek article I read last week, “Can You Build a Better Brain.” Here are a few things that caught my interest while reading it – all of these are quotes pulled from the article:

“Farah found no difference between the performance of volunteers given Adderall and volunteers given a placebo on a battery of cognitive tasks, suggesting that you can get the same dopamine-boosting benefits of the drug by simply believing that you’ll do well, which itself releases dopamine.”

“The mechanism responsible for that is an increase in confidence and motivation—Adderall without the prescription. Along the same lines, a positive mood—even the kind that comes from watching “Sneezing Panda” on YouTube—can enhance creative problem-solving, finds a new paper in Psychological Science. In this case, reducing stress and the resulting cortisol, which attacks the myelin sheath that coats neurons and thus impairs signal transmission, allows underlying abilities to reach their full potential. Finally, being told that you belong to a group that does very well on a test tends to let you do better than if you’re told you belong to a group that does poorly; the latter floods you with cortisol, while the former gives you the wherewithal and dopamine surge to keep plugging away.”

The article also states that two ways that you can ‘exercise’ your brain is via physical exercise and meditation. So, I decided that for this and many reasons, I need to get back on an exercise regimen.

Sunday was the first day of this little experiment. We were playing on the carpet, and I laid down on my back and bounced her in the air using my arms and legs. She loved it and giggled like a little maniac. Even though I was panting and my limbs burned, I didn’t stop because she kept saying “more, Mommy, more!!” Whenever I gave up and put her down, she just climbed right back onto my legs. So it wasn’t until my husband pulled her off and distracted her that I was able to stop. I was SO SORE for days, but I know it was a good workout.

After this ‘weight training,’ we did a little yoga. I’ve never done kids’ yoga, but I’ve done yoga for years and I have a kid…so I just made it up. We’d ask her to name an animal and then we’d help her do a yoga pose to imitate that animal. It produced some really good stretches. I drew out some examples here.

I’m an awesome artist.

Then we danced, which is an excellent workout if you dance like a toddler. We put on a CD and jumped up and down for a while. Will I be able to keep this up? Dunno. Stay tuned.


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  1. stoopid me…I just commented elsewhere and asked if you were getting exercise. Whooo…that seems like one heck of a workout. Keep it up.

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