Ew, snow. I’m sick of you.

We got somewhere around 16 inches this week, most of which was within 24 hours. These photos are of our sidewalk, fence and street. I actually made it out of the house and got to work most days this week, which felt like an accomplishment in itself.

Speaking of accomplishment, I’m nerdily excited about the new Foursquare badge, Handmade Hero, which you can get by checking in to any three craft-type stores (including yarn shops, of course.) Did I need a reason to go into these stores? No! But here is one anyway. Love.

Image from

Speaking of knitting and accomplishments, my friend Courtney published a book this week! I ordered it on Amazon and was instantly disappointed that it won’t ship until the end of February. I am dying to see it.

Image from Amazon

And speaking of publishing a book, another fellow I know, Kevin, published his book this week also, and it reached #3 overall on Amazon. I’m excited to read this too! Good stuff.


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