Superbowl Woo!

It’s possible that yesterday was the best Superbowl Sunday of my life. We didn’t actually watch the game, but who cares!  Our friends came over with their daughter, and our two munchkins immediately bonded by putting on tutus and dancing to a CD.  The dads bonded over ribs, cooked on the outdoor grill for 5 hours. Mmm. And of course the moms hit the 20% off sale at our local yarn shop, where they also happened to be selling Girl Scout Cookies. It does not get better than that.

Image from

I purchased yarn to make the Knitty lunchbag.  I also bought a magazine (Knitscene) that published a new pattern by Courtney Kelley, and two balls of Kaffe Fassett designed sock yarn.

So this morning the munchkin was in a good mood, but accidentally hit herself in the head, started to cry, and then – in a pathetic little whine – asked to watch TV. (She pronounces it teeveeT.) Since she was sick last week we let her watch TV nearly every day. But this morning we said no, which made her whine more. So I hugged her close to me and said, “We can’t possibly watch TV – we can’t waste time doing that – we have to spend every moment making you feel better!” She instantly stopped crying, looked at us, smiled widely and said “I feel better!” Sigh.


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