Sick Again

When I went on Remicade, I got colds a lot. But not too much. I remember once I even got an ear infection. Now I’m on Humira and I live with a little walking petri dish, so I get sick a lot more. And these viruses are intense when your immune system isn’t fighting back.

I was out of work yesterday. Congestion, chills, headache, general gross feeling. It started on Saturday like a Mack truck. I tried to rest as much as possible over the weekend, but there were times that the petri dish/munchkin really just needed her mom. (She said, “I sick too” while climbing into bed with me. Awww.) Yesterday I sat in bed and knit and answered only important work emails and called my mom and whined.

The best I could do today.

But now I’m back at work. I was feeling much better when I woke up, but now that I’m here I feel gross again. And SO cold. But I’m going to power through.


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