Picture Day

Did I mention that yesterday I shoveled snow for 20 minutes? Perhaps I was just trying to forget. But my body won’t let me forget today. I am SO achy.

Today is already a supermom day, and when I say supermom I’m being completely sarcastic. It’s picture day at the munchkin’s daycare, and I was feeling very driven to do everything I could to deliver the munchkin to school 1 – on time, 2 – not covered in food or drool, 3 – wearing photo-suitable clothing. None of this was nearly as easy as it sounds.

We ended up getting there a little later than I’d hoped, but still on time, she was covered in food and drool but I was able to comb most of the cheese out of her hair, and I had brought a spare outfit, which (by an absolute miracle) she let me put on her without screaming.
Okay, I’ve had coffee and Tylenol and I’m ready for the rest of the day.


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