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Japan and Knitting

So many knitters are stepping up to help the people of Japan – it’s so heartwarming. Here are a few examples.

Ladydanio on Etsy is donating $3.11 of every purchase to

Knitwhits is donating 30% of sales to American Red Cross.

PDXKnitteratti is donating 100% of sales of her gorgeous Pacific Shawl pattern to the Red Cross.

Caryl Pierre is donating 20% of her stunning pattern sales to Save the Children (you have to use Ravelry to click on this link.)

RebelYarn on Etsy is donating 25% of sales to Red Cross.

Garilynn is donating 50% of sales to Red Cross.

Each of these donations is for a specific amount of time so check out their websites for full details.

And speaking of Japan and knitting, I visited Habu in New York City, a tiny little knit shop in the fashion district that carries specialty yarn direct from Japan. It’s an amazing place. I took as many photos as I could.






Selling a House, the Saintly Way

We’re headed into week 3, and the house hasn’t sold yet, but I’m not worrying. Because now, I’ve got God on my side.

Enter my first act of desparation. When I mentioned on Facebook that we were selling our home, a friend commented about this, the St. Joseph Statue. For a mere $9.95, you get your kit (see photo), which includes a tiny saint, a burlap bag, and an instruction booklet. You bury the statue upside down near the For Sale sign, and greater powers (and your realtor) do the rest.

I’m not a Christian, but I love world religions and I’m incredibly superstitious, so this was right up my alley. I was delighted this morning when I opened the package and found that it was as campy as I’d hoped.

The brochure reminds you that St. Joe doesn’t do it all. You need to make sure, for example, that your home is clean, and that you work with a realtor to properly put it up for sale. Love!

March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month

You can see articles about this on and CDC. Take it from me – getting a colonoscopy is no big deal, and well worth cutting down on the risk of cancer. If you’re 50+ and haven’t had a colonoscopy recently, give your doctor a call today!

And speaking of and colonoscopies, they published an interview with me here: ~~~ Check it out.

Where I Injected Humira Last

This past Saturday, left upper thigh.

I know, it’s more than a week early. I called Dr. D and updated him on what’s been going on, and he said he wanted me to try another Humira dose before going to the emergency Prednisone. He said I should start feeling better by Monday…but I woke up feeling mighty achy, so we’ll see!


What does Crohn’s disease have in common with a car accident? Flares!

No joke.

I’m flaring now. No doubt about it. And like a car accident, it’s stopped my life while everyone else’s go on, and I feel that uncertainty about when things will get better. It seemed to happen all at once and is just jarring.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, my joints began aching too much to knit. It started there, but now my toes, knees, hips and shoulders are aching too. The Tylenol ads said to keep moving and I’ve found that really does work for me, although it’s a fine line between moving to keep my joints from freezing up and moving too much to where my joints get sore.

I’m calling Dr. D today to see what he’d like me to do.  I have a feeling he’ll want me to go back on Prednisone for a bit until the joint pain goes away – Dr. Max had written me a prescription for it just in case.

Green Day

They say that everyone’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. Must be true, because I find myself lately really loving all things green.

Source: Cole Haan website.

I. Want. This. Bag.

Source: AlishaGoesAround on Etsy

I bought this gorgeous yarn on Etsy, and it arrived lightening fast. My arthritis is acting up (I think because I put off Humira for a full week when I was sick) but as soon as my joints feel better I’m going to knit Annis:

Source: I think this pattern will be a challenge for me, but in a good way.

Source for image: Okay, I know this isn’t green – but how cool is this? It’s called the Chew-Chew Train. I know the munchkin would love it. Attention, grandparents!

Source for image: pureroxinprint on I love this necklace and covet it. Perfect for any day you need a little luck. Speaking of luck, String NYC is having a sale, today only, 25% off all green yarn. Yum. They said that it may not appear on checkout if you’re ordering online, but it will be correct on your bill.