House for Sale


This is our house. It is for sale.

We’ve never sold a house before – it’s the first one we bought. But times change, and we decided to move. We’re staying close. Just not in this house. So.

Selling a house is sort of unreal. Like the first moments coming out of medication after a colonoscopy. We never seem to know what’s going on and are constantly surprised. We have a lovely home and it – according to our agent – “shows well,” so we’ve had a lot of interest and have had to stay very neat and tidy in case someone is going to show up and go through our undies drawers or whatever it is people do when they’re looking to buy a house.

So we’ve been feeling a little uptight, and I hope that the house sells quickly – not because I’m anxious to go, but just so that this weird period is over.

Possibly the weirdest moment was having to hide away all my medications and sharps containers. I can only imagine what people are thinking when they see them!


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