Picture This – Insane Mother

I have a confession to make. I am “that mother.” You know, THAT mother…? I will explain. I mentioned a while back that it was picture day at the munchkin’s daycare. It was on a Wednesday. On the Friday before I realized she didn’t have nice shoes to wear with her dress, but didn’t do anything about it. That Saturday I started feeling a cold coming on, and by Sunday was barely coherent. That Monday I stayed home from work, and from my sickbed (I’m sure you can imagine it: wadded-up tissues, rumpled sheets, me with a runny nose, wild hair and crazy eyes) I decided I was going to knit her a pair of shoes for picture day. Which was two days later.

I could blame my cold but in actuality I just love to knit and I love the munchkin and I wanted her to look cute and adorable and put-together for this one photo of the year that I know will outlast all others.

Did I mention this was for class picture day? Where the photos are taken from the waist up? But whatever. I figured you’d be able to see them in the group photo, so it would be totally worth it.

So I knit these gorgeous booties from soft delicate brown wool, and sewed on four buttons, and they were perfect. She came home that night and I showed them to her and she ignored them, so I tried to put them on her and she cried and screamed. So.

Wednesday I took her to school for picture day and got her dressed in her dress and booties. She looked ADORABLE. She looked put-together. I was so happy. I left and went to work.

A few days later I ran into a friend whose son is in the same class. She had gone with him to picture day and witnessed the whole thing, including the class photo where they somehow get twelve 2-year-olds to all smile at once (or not.)  She said to me, “I have to admit, during the class picture there were times I wanted to kill you.” Now, this is a woman who I’ve known before our kids were born and who is possibly the sweetest and kindest person I’ve ever known.  So I asked her why, and she told me that the munchkin’s shoes actually broke during the picture, which caused her to yell “SHOES!” and set off a chaos that was nearly impossible to restore.


So a few days ago we got the photos back. They are adorable of course. The class photo is funny as always, with all the kids looking in different directions. And there’s my munchkin, in the back row. THE BACK ROW. You know, the place where you can’t see their shoes?



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  1. You should have more kids, then you won’t be that mom. I think mom and dad sent me to school a few times without shoes at all.

  2. Years from now no one will be able to locate that class photo. But the seed you planted with the munchkin to wear “put-together” outfits will long be remembered (that’s good). And the baggage you laid on her will all but assure her trip to therapy (not so good).

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