Green Day

They say that everyone’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. Must be true, because I find myself lately really loving all things green.

Source: Cole Haan website.

I. Want. This. Bag.

Source: AlishaGoesAround on Etsy

I bought this gorgeous yarn on Etsy, and it arrived lightening fast. My arthritis is acting up (I think because I put off Humira for a full week when I was sick) but as soon as my joints feel better I’m going to knit Annis:

Source: I think this pattern will be a challenge for me, but in a good way.

Source for image: Okay, I know this isn’t green – but how cool is this? It’s called the Chew-Chew Train. I know the munchkin would love it. Attention, grandparents!

Source for image: pureroxinprint on I love this necklace and covet it. Perfect for any day you need a little luck. Speaking of luck, String NYC is having a sale, today only, 25% off all green yarn. Yum. They said that it may not appear on checkout if you’re ordering online, but it will be correct on your bill.


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