What does Crohn’s disease have in common with a car accident? Flares!

No joke.

I’m flaring now. No doubt about it. And like a car accident, it’s stopped my life while everyone else’s go on, and I feel that uncertainty about when things will get better. It seemed to happen all at once and is just jarring.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, my joints began aching too much to knit. It started there, but now my toes, knees, hips and shoulders are aching too. The Tylenol ads said to keep moving and I’ve found that really does work for me, although it’s a fine line between moving to keep my joints from freezing up and moving too much to where my joints get sore.

I’m calling Dr. D today to see what he’d like me to do.  I have a feeling he’ll want me to go back on Prednisone for a bit until the joint pain goes away – Dr. Max had written me a prescription for it just in case.


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