Flare Flare Flaaaaare

I’m actually starting to feel a little better. Could it be that Dr. D’s idea of a second dose of Humira was ingenious?


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  1. Please be careful with Humuria, I was on it for 6months and developed synptoms of lupus…very bad. Had to stop;happens to some but not all. Just had another flareup too, ended with a 3 day stint in the hospital again. Getting really tired of it. diagnosed at 16 now I’m 46.. one upper and lower resectional, been hell, don’t know how much more I can ask my wife to take. Really thinking of just pulling the trigger.

    • Hi Doot,
      I had a weird computer issue and didn’t see your post until now. I have to say, I totally understand the frustration you feel. But if you’re seriously feeling suicidal, please get yourself some help. I promise that your wife needs you and would much rather stand by you as you go through this than to be without you.
      Best, and thinking of you,

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