Happy Passover, Doctor!

This week is Passover, the most important holiday for Gastroenterologists.

We celebrate on whatever weekend comes closest, so this past weekend we all headed to my parents’ house for a day of binge-eating, followed by collective severe gastronitestinal distress. Hooray for traditions.

This morning I had a check-in appointment with Dr. Max, who (as I said before) I like more and more each time I see him. He looked a bit tired, and told me he now has a 9-day-old baby boy. Aww! Remembering how difficult life was when I had a newborn, I tried not to ask him too many questions. But, two bits of good news – one, I’m feeling better than I have in a while, and two, he gave me a free 2-pack of Humira! Woo!

On the way into work each morning this month I’ve been enjoying this art installation, so I took a few (awful but best I could do) photos. Art in unusual places always cheers me up. I love how these are so real and yet beautiful, like Chuck Close’s art.




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