It’s Like a New Life

I know I haven’t posted in a while, and my posts have been less frequent. Bad blogger. But I’ve been going through a life change that has been pretty distracting. I decided after a lot of introspection to leave my job of 5 years and go to a new one. My first day was yesterday. It all went very well, but of course included the anxiety that comes with any big change.

I’m excited though. It was hard to leave my old job, which I loved. People ask me why I left and I can’t come up with an answer that seems to sate them. It was just time. The people at the new place are incredibly nice, and I can see so many fun projects in the pipeline that I can’t wait to dive in. If anything that’s where the anxiety comes from – I just want to do so much already and yet have to wait until I really know what my place is there.

So. In the meantime, I also think about how I want to decorate my new office and treated myself to a new (okay two new) handbags. When life changes, it’s time to go shopping.


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