Le Bibliotec

Our family loves the library. We go there multiple times a month. We’re lucky to have a very good one in our town that’s walking distance from our house, so when I was on maternity leave I brought my newborn in frequently, and now that she’s 2 1/2, many of the librarians even know her by name.

A few weeks ago we stopped in and on the way out, the munchkin fell. She was fine, she mostly freaked herself out, but she was crying so much that I asked a woman heading into the library if she’d ask them for some ice. Little did I know their policy – if someone’s injured on-site, they must call the police. Ugh.

So, the munchkin got to participate in her very first police report. She was so excited by the hubbub that she asked the officer to read her a story…which he did.

Yesterday I brought her back, and she actually fell twice. Once in the children’s room (she decided to climb up on the reading window and try to jump down like a little boy was doing) and then again as we were leaving the children’s room (she tried to go down the stairs too fast and fell.) Again, she was fine, but freaked out, so she was crying a lot.  I found myself praying that this not turn into a police incident.


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