Hulk Smash!!

I think the world should know that I have PMS. That way I don’t have to be responsible for anything I say or do. Coincidentally, we were watching The Incredible Hulk last night. I felt like I could really relate. Don’t make me angry…you wouldn’t like me angry. Grrr. Ha!

Good stuff. I’m actually not in a bad mood per se, I just feel like my Crohn’s symptoms get worse when I have PMS, even if I’m doing relatively well on my meds, so that uncomfortable feeling makes me moody, I guess  you could say grumpy.

Speaking of green, though, I did get to do a bit of work on my latest knitting project while we watched the movie, and that makes me feel relaxed and happy. It’s coming along well – in fact it’s almost done.

The photo doesn’t show the gorgeous green shade very well – for that, take a look at the original yarn image in this past post. I didn’t make the pattern I thought I would, Annis. It was too complicated for me. This is a different pattern using simple feather & fan. Which I still managed to screw up a little. But it looks okay.


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