Vacation Highlights

We took a 10 day vacation to the middle of America, and in the back of my head the whole time was flodder.

Which is nice. Because even when the worst things happen, I can say, well at least it will make a good story for my blog.

Like the flight being delayed. So that a one hour trip turned into 14. Like having a headache for 3 days afterward that got so bad I went to an urgent care center, and they told me I was having a migraine and gave me a shot of painkillers. In my tush. And like me hearing the nurse afterward telling another nurse that she forgot her glasses today, so could she please make sure she just gave me the correct shot? Mmm hmm, flodder.

We did have a great trip, though, if for no other reason because we got to be with family. It pains me how little time I get to see even my husband and daughter, so to get to spend a lot of time with them was bliss.

I’ve decided to take up golf, so while there I bought a golf glove and took a lesson. I immediately learned that I am horrible at golf, and I think I’m going to love it. It’s been a while that I took on a challenge that’s just for me. And a very long while since I took up a challenge that involved exercise. We do not speak of the karate lessons of 2003 or the dance lessons of 2004 or the karate lessons of 2006.

Anyway, one more highlight of our trip happened on the way home – we were returning the rental car and walking through the parking garage to the airport, and I was holding the munchkin in my arms. She was still very sleepy – it was 4:30 in the morning.

“Who that man?” she asked me, her tiny voice growing large as it reverberated around the parking garage. I could hear the steps of a man behind me, so I told her, “He’s going to the airport too, to catch a plane, just like us.”

She responded “Where his hair go?”

Oh. God. Sure enough, a moment later the man passed us in a huff, receeding hairline and all.

That’s a milestone to be sure – first time the munchkin embarrasses us by insulting a stranger.

Here’s a little family photo from our trip, taken from the Chicago bean seen above.


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