Monthly Archives: July 2011

The Big Move, Part 1

So, our house is under contract. Shortly we’ll learn if we’ll move forward to the part where we sit in a boring room and sign it all over. I am so excited for that day.

Don’t get me wrong, I love our house SO MUCH. But it will be good to be done with this part and move on.

I’ve scheduled movers and started hoarding boxes. I’ve also started getting rid of superfluous stuff like a madwoman.

Bags of my daughter’s old clothes going to a friend with a new baby girl. Bags of under-used toys and books going to the daycare. Bags of who-knows-what set aside for Purple Heart pickup. Goodbye, goodbye.

I also spend a lot of time on Craigslist looking up possible new homes. Because – whoops, oh yeah, we actually still have to live somewhere.

We have our “must have” list and our “nice to have” list. We’re looking at 3 apartments this weekend. We’re scaling down, so the smallest is a 2 bedroom and the largest is a 4 bedroom.


I have this ongoing joke with my husband about normalcy. Whenever he does something really odd or goofy to make our daughter laugh, I joke, “she’ll never know normal.”


I was thinking about that the other night as I lay in bed with aching joints. I was wondering if they were aching because of all of the exercise I’d gotten that day, or if they were aching because my Crohn’s might be flaring. What do ‘normal’ people feel like after a busy day? Do they ache or is it pretty much pain-free? I realized then, that I’ll never know normal.


My entire adult life I’ve had Crohn’s. And while I’m an optimist, I don’t think there will be a cure in my lifetime. So it’s possible I’ll really never be able to get rid of that feeling I have every time my body does something different – is that twinge of pain something ‘normal,’ or is it Crohn’s? Do I need to be talking to my doctor, switching up my meds, or just take some Tylenol and take it easy?


The munchkin has been very curious lately. This morning my husband (a big meteorology buff) told her it would thunderstorm later. The conversation went basically like this:

Him: It’s going to thunderstorm today!

Her: Why thunderstorm?

Him: [Launches into detailed explanation of how cold fronts meeting warm fronts produce a thunderstorm, complete with descriptive hand movements…]

Her: [Pause.] Why?