I have this ongoing joke with my husband about normalcy. Whenever he does something really odd or goofy to make our daughter laugh, I joke, “she’ll never know normal.”


I was thinking about that the other night as I lay in bed with aching joints. I was wondering if they were aching because of all of the exercise I’d gotten that day, or if they were aching because my Crohn’s might be flaring. What do ‘normal’ people feel like after a busy day? Do they ache or is it pretty much pain-free? I realized then, that I’ll never know normal.


My entire adult life I’ve had Crohn’s. And while I’m an optimist, I don’t think there will be a cure in my lifetime. So it’s possible I’ll really never be able to get rid of that feeling I have every time my body does something different – is that twinge of pain something ‘normal,’ or is it Crohn’s? Do I need to be talking to my doctor, switching up my meds, or just take some Tylenol and take it easy?


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