Parasitic worms could help fight Crohn’s disease

My cousin Lee, who is in the sciences, tipped me off to this incredibly interesting story from

Parasitic worms could help fight Crohn’s disease

It’s not often a biotech company asks permission to run human tests of a remedy derived from parasitic worms. But the Food and Drug Administration will probably be entertaining just such a request when Coronado Biosciences Inc. files an Investigational New Drug application for CNDO-201, a brew that contains 2,500 eggs from a parasite found in pigs.

The company, which is moving from New York to Boston in August, plans to test the therapy in patients suffering from Crohn’s disease, an autoimmune condition that strikes the intestinal tract.

[End story]

This is something I’ve written about before last spring .  While the topic seems to come up and then go away here and there, the fact that the FDA is looking into it as a viable treatment is a big deal – a HUGE deal. Could this be the big cure?


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