The Big Move, Part 2

Yesterday we closed on our house. The buyers were a very nice couple with no kids, but they want some, and soon. They seem excited to fill what was our house with their future happy family. We went out to lunch afterward to celebrate, to a tiny diner-type restaurant in our new neighborhood. I felt quiet and a little sad. We both felt relieved.

Before we went to settlement, my husband and I drove over to the house to retreive the St. Joseph statue.

We couldn’t find it at first, and I had this vision of us arriving late to settlement covered in dirt after having torn up the entire yard. But my husband is a smart one, and figured out where it was pretty quickly.

The meeting didn’t take too terribly long, and a branch of our bank was across the street so we were able to deposit the check that came out of it all.

In all, I guess it was easy, but really more of an emotional squeeze than I thought it would be. Last night I felt an odd mix of relief that it was done and sadness that it’s all over.


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