The Munchkin is on a Roll

This week she was just hilarious. A few things:

She was sitting at dinner with her finger up her nose. My husband said – Are you digging for gold? She giggled. No, daddy! I’m digging for boogers!

She took over my cereal bowl at breakfast and started eating it herself. So I moved to the next chair and just watched her eat. You should share, I reminded her. She scooped up a big spoonful of cereal, got out of the chair and walked it over to me, as I’m screaming for her not to do just that. “Oh my god!” I yelled, as she dumped the cereal into my cupped hands. I went to toss it in the trash and wash my hands. When I came back, she was sitting in the chair again, spooning cereal into her cupped hand, yelling “Oh my god!” in a perfect mimic, and shoving the cereal into her mouth.


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