Packing Day!

[[Note to my readers – I wrote but neglected to make live 3 posts while we were in the midst of moving. Guess all the craziness got to me. I’ll post them over the next few days; apologies for them being a little out of order.]]


Yesterday the movers came to pack up. My husband had worked like a dog to get most of our things packed, but it was still an enormous help to have the movers come.

Last night my husband screams, gaaahhh – nooo!!!

Me: Omigod what’s wrong??

Him: They packed the beer bottle openers! How am I supposed to open this beer??

Luckily they labeled the boxes and he found it pretty quickly. Phew.

I also realized they packed my alarm clock and the coffee maker. Not a good combo.

The munchkin is very confused about where all her stuff is.

Moving day tomorrow!


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