All Moved In. Sorta.

Friday we moved in to the new place. It was a crazy hot and humid day, so we all just felt nasty all day. But. We’re. Done.

A few boxes remain, and the framed pictures aren’t hung. But for the most part we’re in, and we’re living. It feels so good. In just a few days we go to close and we’re really, really done.

I went back to the house to collect a few things after the move, and it felt so empty and sad. This was our first real home, it was where we brought our baby home. I couldn’t help but feel a little sad over it.

We’re getting used to the new place. I keep getting lost going places, even though it’s just one town from where we used to live. I could get lost anywhere though; it’s a special skill of mine.

One of my favorite things about the new apartment is our bedroom. It’s on the corner and has two enormous, wall-filling windows that get great sunlight. This is a photo of the munchkin sitting in our bed under one of the windows. Her room is small and very dark, perfect for naps.


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