My Little Girl

Having a daughter somehow makes me realize how inherently biased our world is when it comes to gender.

I think I had a different sort of childhood than most. Both of my parents worked, and both were in careers they loved. My siblings and I were encouraged to play sports and musical instruments, regardless of our gender. We all played dolls, we all played He-Man, we were not allowed to play with toy guns. And when I went to college, it was a women’s college – because that was the best school amongh those that had accepted me.

In other words, I didn’t mean to become a feminist. I was just raised to believe I was equal to men.

I do believe men and women are very different, even from birth. I arrived to the munchkin’s daycare yesterday during free play to find the 4 boys playing trucks and the 2 girls playing with the teacher’s hair. I know that I’m more emotional than my husband, and I’m also better at multitasking. I don’t mind the differences; I think it’s important to our culture. So why did it bother me so much when I learned the daycare teacher had the boys coloring baseball scenes, and the girls coloring cheerleaders?

And then this – an email today from a mommy blog I usually really like. This was a paid ad, but I was SHOCKED at the content.

So let me get this straight – they are telling mothers of little girls that they must dress a certain way to get the hottest play dates and party invites? WHAT? I understand wanting your child to look nice. But when are certain playdates hot and others not? And birthday parties? What about going to your friends’ parties? What about teaching them to be happy with who they are? I am so flustered and floored by this I can hardly type.

They could have gone so many different ways with this ad. How about: let your little girl have fun with dressing up in our new fall line? How about: we know your little one is adorable, and she’ll be even cuter in our new fall line?

I try to keep things positive in this blog, but this time around I just have to say it: shame on you, Juicy Couture.


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  1. Wasn’t it the JCrew catalog that also got a lot of flak for showing a mom painting her son’s nails pink? Whatever. You guys did that to me and I got free mac and cheese for good behavior.

  2. When you were small, I called Macy’s to complain about the clothes they advertised in their back to school flyer. The styles were more for prostitutes than pre-schoolers. I was horrified!

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