Hurricane? Really?!?

We hunkered down this weekend for Hurricane Irene, the second biggest natural disaster of the week. I discovered a new talent of mine- I am able to stay very, very calm while freaking out completely. I went to two markets, Trader Joe’s and Genuardi’s. Both were crammed with people and very low on food staples. “Oh no,” I thought to myself, “I should be more hysterical!” Below are photos I took at Genuardi’s. I was there at 9 pm, and it was still surprisingly busy.

One thing we did NOT want was an indoor disaster, so we planned lots of things to do with the munchkin to keep her busy and happy and avoid tantrums. This included but was not limited to:

Dressing up as superheroes

Looking at photos of her friends

Taking more baths than usual

Watching movies

Reading books

Making up stories

Half-assed attempt at potty training (no pun intended)

Building with blocks

Playing with dolls

Pretending we were monsters


Dismantling the couch


An inordinate amount of time was also spent trying to explain to her things related to the hurricane, such as why there was one, why we couldn’t go outside, and why we had pitchers filled with water, flashlights and duct tapeĀ sitting on the buffet. It’s hard to explain things to a toddler, and even harder when you’re not really sure yourself.

When the rain finally stopped and the wind was dying down, we (and everyone else with children) headed immediately outside. My husband brilliantly thought to bring our kite, which the munchkin was so excited to fly. She was so cute – he told her to lift up her arm so the kite would go higher, and she kept lifting up the wrong arm. (The string was in her left hand…the right hand was empty.)


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  1. I seem to have that talent too, staying calm on the outside whilst freaking out completely on the inside… seems to be one I’ve developed over the last couple of years – around the same sorta timeas the Crohns……
    I wonder whether they go hand in hand at not freaking out when you seem permenantly fixeed to the toilet, when life is whirling around outside the door?

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