Monthly Archives: October 2011

Life, Lately, Under Water

We had a joke at my old job, that if you ask anyone in advertising how they are, they’ll always respond with “Busy. Busy. So busy.” (Try it, it’s true.) So when I’m actually busy, busy, so busy, it feels a little overwhelming, like it’s added on to a busy that I already had. I had a dream two nights ago that water started creeping up from between the floorboards and I couldn’t stop it.


That’s not to say things aren’t good, because they are. VERY good in fact! I’m planning for my favorite holiday, Halloween, and have 1 of our 3 costumes all set (my husband’s costume is awesome. Mine and my daughter’s are still in production.) Depending on how the wind’s blowing, munchkin wants to either be a cowboy or a princess. I’m waffling between being a rainbow and Audrey Hepburn from the Tiffany’s scene in Breakfast at Tiffany’s (something about being allowed to carry a danish as a prop has this so appealing.)


And in between I have work and home and all the other things that have life going around. I had to fight another migraine this week, but my husband said a study just came out saying exercise can help reduce them – if that’s the case, I definitely know why I’ve been getting so many – I haven’t been exercising at all. Whoops. When I woke up in pain this morning I finally got my butt in front of an exercise video (had to blow the dust off that one.)


So – exercise has had to suffer, so has blogging. I promise to get a bit better about posting…….


My daughter has this wonderful 2-year-old’s perspective on life that makes me so happy to see. She was out with her dad yesterday and they called me. I asked where she was; she replied “I’m next to daddy!”

And the other day, she had gotten a cut on her ankle, which I covered with a Curious George band-aid. When my husband came home I told him about it. He said to her, do you have a boo-boo? “Yes Daddy.” “Where is it?” “Under my┬áband-aid.”