Monthly Archives: November 2011


I’m sorry to those who like to read my blog for my complete lack of posting over the last few months. I’m happy to report it’s for good reason – my wonderful job allows me so much creative expression that I haven’t had much creativity left over to blog. But I do miss blogging, and so much has still been going on in my life.

Humira continues to work well for me and I’m feeling good. I also started some light therapy using a Philips Go Lite box, which I bought on ebay because they are pricey. It seems to work well – even though it’s that time of year that everything is dark, dark, dark, I haven’t felt down. It does help also with keeping me awake and energized – I’m back down to one cup of coffee a day!

And, I’m not sure if it’s decreased stress or decreased caffeine, but I’m having fewer migraines lately. That is a huge relief. I guess it was a bit of a cycle – I’d be exhausted so I’d drink coffee. The caffeine would give me a migraine. I’d take Exedrin or Advil and eventually get a stomach ache. I’d be so uncomfortable I couldn’t sleep. Repeat. The light box cuts into the exhaustion issues and kind of breaks that cycle.