I’m sorry to those who like to read my blog for my complete lack of posting over the last few months. I’m happy to report it’s for good reason – my wonderful job allows me so much creative expression that I haven’t had much creativity left over to blog. But I do miss blogging, and so much has still been going on in my life.

Humira continues to work well for me and I’m feeling good. I also started some light therapy using a Philips Go Lite box, which I bought on ebay because they are pricey. It seems to work well – even though it’s that time of year that everything is dark, dark, dark, I haven’t felt down. It does help also with keeping me awake and energized – I’m back down to one cup of coffee a day!

And, I’m not sure if it’s decreased stress or decreased caffeine, but I’m having fewer migraines lately. That is a huge relief. I guess it was a bit of a cycle – I’d be exhausted so I’d drink coffee. The caffeine would give me a migraine. I’d take Exedrin or Advil and eventually get a stomach ache. I’d be so uncomfortable I couldn’t sleep. Repeat. The light box cuts into the exhaustion issues and kind of breaks that cycle.


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  1. I just stumbled upon your blog haphazardly while doing some research. I like your attitude and writing style. I’m in your boat – I’m a an 11-year veteran with this junk and a mixed bag of other totally fun conditions. Anyway, you have touched on many of the things I have experienced or am about to experience and just wanted to say thank you for writing. When times are hard, it’s tough to have a positive attitude. You are clearly a strong and admirable person. Keep up the good fight! Stem cell therapy may be just around the corner for us…

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