Monthly Archives: March 2012

Humira Pen vs. Syringe

I saw Dr. Max today, and all is good. We talked briefly about how things are going with Humira, and he suggested that since I’m doing so well on the pen, that I try out the syringe. I have a shaky hand sometimes, so while the pen is great most of the time, if my hand is shaking I can’t use the other hand to steady it because I’m using the other hand to hold my skin for the shot. It hasn’t caused a problem to the point that I can’t inject, but it was still weird enough that I felt I should mention it. He said that the syringe may be a better option, especially since I’m not scared of it.


If anyone reading this has had experience with syringe self-injection I’d love to hear about it!

Sh*t My Kid Says

I can’t believe how funny my 3 year old is. Even when she’s insulting me, it’s funny. Yesterday we were having a cuddle and she sweetly stroked my face and then asked, “why you have wrinkles?” Sigh.


And this weekend as we’re making meatloaf, I was narrating the recipe as we went, “first we add the meat, then the veggies, then we mix,” and she said, “when does it turn into cupcakes?”