Humira Pen vs. Syringe Part 2

I couldn’t do it. Something about the syringe just scared me a little too much. The pen is SO EASY, and the syringe just seems so clinical, like somehow you need a doctor or nurse sitting next to you.


I gave it my best shot. I sat down, I pulled up instructions on my iPad, I read through them a few times (even though I rarely actually read instructions) and I literally took the plunge. Well, sort of. It was one of those awkward things where you say “1 – 2 – 3 – Go!” to yourself, but don’t actually do it. When I finally stuck the needle in, I was shaking so badly from freaking myself out that I couldn’t plunge it.


So essentially I gave up on the syringe, and am feeling very grateful for the pen. Whew.


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