Chubby Jones!

So, I’ve officially been running for two weeks. I’m not sure if I’d call it running, though. What is it called when you run slower when you walk?

Every other morning I put on my shoes and gross t-shirt and shorts, grab my iPod and try to walk briskly out the door without tripping. Then I continue the five minute warm-up, Chubby Jones in my ear, and try not to trip. Then I do the alternate run/walk as she tells me to, focusing mostly on not tripping. So far, I mostly haven’t tripped that much.

So, two things are surprising: one, that I’ve had a few runs where I’ve only tripped once, but also the feeling I have when I do it. I feel good. Really good. I thought I’d feel TERRIBLE. But I feel like I’m doing something good for myself, and since I’m focusing on not tripping I can have that time to not focus on any other issues or problems I have in my life. It’s just me time. And then afterward, even though I’m not going too fast or too long, I do believe I’m getting that fabled runner’s high.

And Chubby Jones is awesome. She’s on iTunes, and I highly recommend her podcast.


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  1. Heyooo! Firstly, congrats on getting started – I am so happy you’re feeling like you can use this time as your own! Secondly, I want you to know that the important part of all of this isn’t how fast you are “running” but that you just go out there and do it. You can work on speed later – first you need to work on just putting the feet to the pavement. Thirdly, and this is just as important as the second part, don’t think of the intervals as weeks. Everyone needs to go at their own pace. Definitely challenge yourself but the c25k program was put out there generally for all people and it’s ridiculous to think that all people are going to feel comfortable moving on to the next interval in as little time as the next person. So pay attention to your body and go from there. Lastly, I don’t speak about this on the podcast but I’ve actually suffered from ulcerative colitis from the age of 12 on so I feel you on the stupid Crohns. You’re doing a great job and if you need any extra encouragement, you know where to find me. Sending you big hugs and non-sexually-threatening ass slaps!
    Mia “Chubby Jones”

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