Monthly Archives: July 2012

Level 4 of Running

Yesterday I hit level four of the Chubby Jones podcast, which meant I got up to five minutes of non-stop running. I am so proud of me. Last week I took a few photos of my sleepy little town at 5:30 a.m. as I cooled down.

I love seeing the colors that the sunrise makes.


I was interested to know how I’d be clocked, but I didn’t even register. Soooo slooooow.

So Slow

I’m on week 3 of couch to 5k with Chubby Jones. I’m so slow it takes me a week and a half to do each week. I’m so slow it takes me 45 minutes to do a 20 minute session. I’m so slow that I walk faster than I run.


But, my tummy is just about flat again. And I RAN THREE MINUTES STRAIGHT today. TWICE! Holy frijoles, anyone who knows me knows that’s nothing short of a miracle.


At the beginning of my run I was feeling some very negative thoughts, mostly centering around that I wasn’t sure if I could do it, and also that I wasn’t sure I’d be able to keep this up ongoing. What about winter, when it’s cold and icy outside, how will I run then? Will I ever even be able to do a 5k? And so on. My first 90-second run was horrible. I was panting and couldn’t catch my breath. And it was all because of the negativity. So during the next 90 seconds as I walked, I gave myself a pep talk. It went something like this: “Actually, I can do this, because I thought I couldn’t before I even started and look at me now. And you know what? F**k that miscarriage. F**k Crohn’s. F**k it all, I’m going to do this, and I’m going to ace it.”


And I’m not kidding – I aced that three minute run.


I was slow. But I did it.