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Mmmm, Pig Parasite Eggs

Clinical trials have begun to determine whether eggs of pig parasites are effective treatments of Crohn’s Disease.

Details reported by Medical News Today:



I love Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series, and one of my favorite characters is Lula, a spicy former hooker with tons of attitude. Whenever she hears something she doesn’t particularly like, her standard reply is “hmnh.” It’s perfect, you can just hear it off the page.

Dr. Max said I have chondromalacia patella, which he said is like arthritis under the knee. He said it’s not related to my Crohn’s, but that I probably shouldn’t run. Ever. Hmnh.

He also said I should try for physical therapy instead of going to the orthopedist, and that I should do the eliptical instead of running. But that I can do brisk walking as long as it doesn’t hurt my knee. Hmnh.

Actually, there are other four-letter words I’d rather use than hmnh right now, but this is a family blog.


My daughter has 5 men in her life. One is her daddy, one is her grandpa, and the other three are her little friends who I’ll call A, E and T – three-year-olds like her, and each of them holds a special place in her heart and life. And somehow it feels like each of them love her more deeply than I would have expected from the preschool set. It’s so adorable I can’t friggin stand it.

She goes to daycare with A and T, and the teachers report that they regularly fight over her, with at least one of them ending up in tears. Usually the fight occurs because they both want to hold hands with her, and she’s a one-guy-at-a-time kind of girl.

This weekend we had a playdate at the zoo with E. They held hands the entire time.

The same evening T came over for a playdate and dinner. He brought a rose, wrapped up with baby’s breath in florist paper. His mom reported that on the way they passed a florist and he begged her to let him get a flower for my little munchkin. When they arrived at the door and he had that pink rose in his hand, I almost fell over.

She tells us she wants to marry A, but that all three are her best friends.

Running Therapy

I’m trying hard to go about my life, but I keep having to go to doctors and get blood tests and put everything on hold because of my stupid body. In other words, same old. But this time, it’s not because of Crohn’s.

As those who’ve been reading know, I started running about two months ago. I’ve been doing Chubby Jones’ couch to 5k in an effort to get in shape and not lose my mind. But a few weeks ago, my knee started to hurt while I was running. Then it started to hurt even when I wasn’t running. So here I go again to the doctor, but this time it’s the orthopedist. And at the same time, I’m still doing my weekly blood tests that I’ve had to do since the miscarriage, so they can see if my hormone levels are still raised. (Ben and Jerry’s can tell you based on how well their stock is doing that yes indeed my hormones are still raised, but that’s another topic, thankyouverymuch Chocolate Therapy.)

Image from Ben & Jerry’s website.

Anyway. Since I was diagnosed with Crohn’s about a decade ago, going to the doctor is pretty much old hat. But for the first time in a while I’m going and I don’t really feel confident that I know what I’m doing. Should I be going to an orthopedist or Dr. Max, my rheumatologist? Does my knee hurt because of the running, my stupid Crohn’s, or the miscarriage maybe? So I’ve been doing what any geek worth her salt does today – crowdsourcing. I’ve been asking EVERYONE’s opinion. My sister, who runs triathlons, told me I’ll have to get an orthopedist someday so may as well do it now. My friend Eugene, who does Tough Mudder (crazy bastard) thought it was weird that I was having knee problems and told me that I should be having shin splints instead. My friend Mo, who doesn’t run but does have RA and takes Humira like I do, told me I shouldn’t be running at all and that instead I should ride a bike. He’s never seen me try to ride a bike, so I can’t blame him for the recommendation. But watching me trying to ride a bike is like watching a toddler try to send an email. It’s a little cute, mostly awkward, you know it’s not going to work and probably someone is going to get hurt. Last time we went for a little afternoon ride, a man my dad’s age in a car pulled over to shout encouragement out his window – it was that clear to passing motorists that I was a mess. Anyway.

So I made an appointment for next Friday at the orthopedist’s, and I’m going to give Dr. Max a call today. I’m also going to see my new GI next week, so I feel like I have all the bases covered.

Because here’s the thing – I need to keep running. Before I started, I was sliding into a deep dark place that I don’t think I could have gotten out of any other way. I joke that running has saved my sanity, but joking aside – running has saved my sanity.

My Super Sister

If running was AA, my sister would be my sponsor. She answers all my questions, sends me inspiring texts, and generally keeps me on the running wagon.

She’s the person who knows me well enough to have said “Running is great, you don’t have to buy anything to start – you just need a pair of shoes. Plus, you can buy all this great running gear!”‘

But that’s not even the half of it. Because even though she lives far away and even though she is responsible for her 1-year-old, when I had the miscarriage she came right away bearing sympathy and jokes and ice cream. I’m the big sister and she’s the little sister, and yet she came and took care of me. And she continues to do so, checking in and just making sure I’m ok.

And it’s the running – which she’s helping me with – that has helped me stay sane. I think I’m handling everything pretty well but it still hurts a lot. I still have blood tests every week and I still have that little bit of leftover belly and I still have my daughter asking me, whenever she sees a pregnant woman, if that lady’s baby is going to die. So as counter to my personality as it is, I still admit I need that little bit of support. But I don’t have a little bit, I have a lot.

Thanks, Sis. I wish I could buy you Lululemon‘s entire summer line. And fall line and winter line and spring line.

I’m also so grateful to my parents, my brother and my friends who turned out in droves to support our family. Every single bit has helped so much.