CNN Fighting Words Against Crohn’s Disease

“Today I will fight again. This disease will not own me or define me.”

These are the words I like to begin each day with, stating my intent out loud. Somehow it seems if I actually hear it, it’s easier to live it and believe it.

I have Crohn’s disease, for which there is no cure — a disease that requires a daily personal battle with things most of us prefer not to discuss with others. And for those who must deal with it, one thing is certain. It’s horrible, it’s overwhelming, and it’s humiliating.


I could have written the same thing. But those words aren’t mine, they’re from CNN’s Debbi Wynn, who offers her Crohn’s disease manifesto online today. Her story is poignant, but she’s not alone. We are not alone.


Remember when we had to suffer in silence?


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  1. Everyday is a new day. Some basic things that people never consider …. water and sewer system that we all use/need everyday is one example of basics that is overlooked until you have surgery or a attack. When you have a need for access ramp or wider doors there is help. I have worked with organization to build or modify homes for those in need. I live in an area where we have to have a sewer system that requires electric and chemicals as well as inspection contracts. When the electricity fails the system fails …. I usually make arragements to relocate or a few other things I will not discuss. If you have IBD, colon cancer, or other

  2. If anyone can help me with an e-mail address for Debbi Wynn I would really appreciate it.

    I have written a book called (appropriately) The Bare Rsed Facts About Crohn’s Disease. I would love to send her a copy.

    If you would like to look at my website I’m sure you will have a giggle

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