My Super Sister

If running was AA, my sister would be my sponsor. She answers all my questions, sends me inspiring texts, and generally keeps me on the running wagon.

She’s the person who knows me well enough to have said “Running is great, you don’t have to buy anything to start – you just need a pair of shoes. Plus, you can buy all this great running gear!”‘

But that’s not even the half of it. Because even though she lives far away and even though she is responsible for her 1-year-old, when I had the miscarriage she came right away bearing sympathy and jokes and ice cream. I’m the big sister and she’s the little sister, and yet she came and took care of me. And she continues to do so, checking in and just making sure I’m ok.

And it’s the running – which she’s helping me with – that has helped me stay sane. I think I’m handling everything pretty well but it still hurts a lot. I still have blood tests every week and I still have that little bit of leftover belly and I still have my daughter asking me, whenever she sees a pregnant woman, if that lady’s baby is going to die. So as counter to my personality as it is, I still admit I need that little bit of support. But I don’t have a little bit, I have a lot.

Thanks, Sis. I wish I could buy you Lululemon‘s entire summer line. And fall line and winter line and spring line.

I’m also so grateful to my parents, my brother and my friends who turned out in droves to support our family. Every single bit has helped so much.


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