About Me

I’m a working mom with Crohn’s Disease. I hope my story can help others.

I have moderate Crohn’s, centralized in my ileum and cecum, diagnosed as an adult in 2002.

I am currently on Humira. In the past and for varying lenths of time I’ve been on the following medications: Remicae, mesalamine, 6-mercaptopurine (6-MP), prednisone and¬†budesonide.

My wonderful advocacy team includes my husband and baby, family and friends, and an excellent GI.


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  1. Hey there,
    Just wanted to say great blog – I am glad to be finding so many now… couldn’t find any at the beginning of my Crohns journey – well my diagnosis journey.
    I become more and more at easy every time I find someone who a) talks about it and b) says a lot of the same things I have… I am not at ease that I am starting to find more and more people suffering from it.
    Again great blog!
    – Amanda

    • Hi Amanda,
      Thank you so much for your note! I agree that it means so much when people are willing to talk about it and share what they’re going through – somehow it makes it more bearable when you know you’re not alone, right?

  2. Hey My Stupid Crohn’s!
    I really enjoy your blog and reading what you have to say! I’ve just featured you on my list of Terrific Crohn’s Blogs. Feel free to check it out at http://bit.ly/cvvXl5 and add your thoughts as well as other great Crohn’s bloggers! Thanks for your great work for the online Crohn’s community!

  3. Hi, i begin my journey to diagnosis tomorrow, we did start investigating things 10 years ago but somehow they came to a halt. Now i have insisted they do something, the weight loss, the vomitting, the diarrhoea , the migraines and the pain is all becoming too much to bear. In a way i hope they’re wrong, but it would be nice to know what the hell is going on with me!

  4. Hello!

    I am a Crohnie too…over thirty years now and no surgery or drugs…yet…fingers crossed…. I found your website doing research on my theory about Crohns and some other autoimmune diseases….I would like to interview U for this research…pls email me privately and I will fill U in…thx kat:))))…great blog:))

  5. Hi Carly!

    I’ve just been enjoying your blog and I’d like to feature it on my web site. If you’re interested, would you contact me with an email address where I can reach you?


    PS Love the name of your blog, especially because since I became a mother, “Stupid” is my curse-word of choice!

  6. Also diagnosed in 2002, I used to be able to wean off prednisone…after an almost one year flare and hospitalization, I started Humira two weeks ago. wondering how long it will take to know if it helps. I start to have symptoms as soon as I start reducing Pred. Feeling pudgy from it!

  7. Me again still no confirmed diagnosis, but have had everything under the sun pointing in this direction. Recent bout of Iritis, a consistently incredibly high ESR, weight loss, bloating etc. Am scheduled for another exploratory procedure on the 15th of this month which will hopefully give some answers, or i may just lose the plot altogether. No-ones suggesting its all in my head this time unlike 10 years ago, but its taking forever to find out whats going on and it makes me wonder how much damage is getting done while they’re fartassing around. Then it will be time to fiddle with treatments which again will take forever. SIGH

  8. There might be stuff happening over there in the US, but i’m still fighting to get into see the pain management specialist was told it was a 6 month waiting list 11 months ago and im still waiting, no wonder i feel like bashing my head against the wall. Nothing seems to happen very quickly over here…

  9. Finally an answer of sorts, my biopsies from the last colonoscopy have come back as mild but non specific. Which leads my GP to contacting a gastroenterologist registrar coz the guy who did my colonoscopy is on holidays. At her request i have been started on prednisolone 25mg in the morning and they are still trying to find an alternative to Sulfasalazine because i’m allergic to sulphates. but at least now i’m not bashing my head against the wall as much as before.

    • You will feel so much better on the prednisone! It has its drawbacks but it really is a miracle drug of sorts. I really hope they find a long term one for you though! Thank you for keeping me updated Robyn – I’ll be thinking of you!

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