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Humira Pen vs. Syringe

I saw Dr. Max today, and all is good. We talked briefly about how things are going with Humira, and he suggested that since I’m doing so well on the pen, that I try out the syringe. I have a shaky hand sometimes, so while the pen is great most of the time, if my hand is shaking I can’t use the other hand to steady it because I’m using the other hand to hold my skin for the shot. It hasn’t caused a problem to the point that I can’t inject, but it was still weird enough that I felt I should mention it. He said that the syringe may be a better option, especially since I’m not scared of it.


If anyone reading this has had experience with syringe self-injection I’d love to hear about it!


On the Wagon

I’m not a drinker, but there’s plenty of other wagons for me to fall off of – the healthy eating wagon, for example. Sleeping well wagon. Exercise wagon. And of course, blogging wagon.

Over Christmas I started eating sweets and I justified it by saying that the Christmas season is really only a month.  But then January just seemed to bring more sweets. February brought Valentine’s Day chocolate. When I walked into CVS and saw a display of Cadbury Creme Eggs I knew it was all over for me. I have a mega sweet tooth but it leads directly to my stomach and tush.

At the same time, I started really feeling my lack of exercise. Now that I drive to work, I have to look for excuses to exercise. But it’s easier to find excuses to lay down.


I’m getting better, though. I started getting up at 5:15 every day to do an exercise video. I find myself thinking evil thoughts about the aerobics instructors on-screen, but in all fairness I am getting my heart rate up. I haven’t fully figured out how to avoid sweets, but I’m trying to have a cup of tea first each time I crave sweets, to see if it will help the craving go away. And last night was the first that I got to bed on time, just trying to keep myself from getting tired.


The other wagon I fell off was the seeing-my-doctor-wagon. I see my GI and rheumatologist regularly enough, but never seem to get around to making a PCP appointment, in fact I didn’t even have one anymore since we moved. So, I made an appointment for next week. I’m trying, trying so hard! We’ll see what happens next…

Toe The Line

When you’re on immunosuppressants, cuts can turn into infections fast, and little bugs can become big blowouts. I wore a new pair of shoes Tuesday and got a blister…a few days later my toe is swollen, painful, with streaks of red running across it. It’s too gross for me to post a photo here, so instead I’ll illustrate it using photos of Nick Nolte:

My Toe Before Infection My Toe After Infection

What a mess. I talked to Dr. Max over the phone, and he said I could come in but it seemed easier logistically to go to a podiatrist out here in the suburbs rather than heading into the city. So I’m leaving work early today for this little adventure. I have my fingers (and toes) crossed that it will go quickly and get taken care of fast. I have no room in my life for this!