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Barking Dog Shoes

During one of several conversations with Chronic Babe (aka Jenni) at ePatient Connections, our convo turned to shoes. This happens whenevver women converse for more than 10 minutes, or so I believe based on years of experience. Since my Crohn’s manifests in joint pain and because my hips are chronically out of whack, I need to wear comfortable flats, despite the fact that my inner badass would rather be in 6-inch Laboutin stillettoes. Jenni’s shoes were adorable AND looked comfortable, and she highly recommended her friend’s site Barking Dog Shoes. Holy moly, this place is a relevation.

They’ve got answers for any type of foot problem (although it seems to just be for women, sorry guys.) They try out and recommend brands. What a fantastic resource.



The munchkin has been very curious lately. This morning my husband (a big meteorology buff) told her it would thunderstorm later. The conversation went basically like this:

Him: It’s going to thunderstorm today!

Her: Why thunderstorm?

Him: [Launches into detailed explanation of how cold fronts meeting warm fronts produce a thunderstorm, complete with descriptive hand movements…]

Her: [Pause.] Why?

Hulk Smash!!

I think the world should know that I have PMS. That way I don’t have to be responsible for anything I say or do. Coincidentally, we were watching The Incredible Hulk last night. I felt like I could really relate. Don’t make me angry…you wouldn’t like me angry. Grrr. Ha!

Good stuff. I’m actually not in a bad mood per se, I just feel like my Crohn’s symptoms get worse when I have PMS, even if I’m doing relatively well on my meds, so that uncomfortable feeling makes me moody, I guess  you could say grumpy.

Speaking of green, though, I did get to do a bit of work on my latest knitting project while we watched the movie, and that makes me feel relaxed and happy. It’s coming along well – in fact it’s almost done.

The photo doesn’t show the gorgeous green shade very well – for that, take a look at the original yarn image in this past post. I didn’t make the pattern I thought I would, Annis. It was too complicated for me. This is a different pattern using simple feather & fan. Which I still managed to screw up a little. But it looks okay.

Green Day

They say that everyone’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. Must be true, because I find myself lately really loving all things green.

Source: Cole Haan website.

I. Want. This. Bag.

Source: AlishaGoesAround on Etsy

I bought this gorgeous yarn on Etsy, and it arrived lightening fast. My arthritis is acting up (I think because I put off Humira for a full week when I was sick) but as soon as my joints feel better I’m going to knit Annis:

Source: I think this pattern will be a challenge for me, but in a good way.

Source for image: Okay, I know this isn’t green – but how cool is this? It’s called the Chew-Chew Train. I know the munchkin would love it. Attention, grandparents!

Source for image: pureroxinprint on I love this necklace and covet it. Perfect for any day you need a little luck. Speaking of luck, String NYC is having a sale, today only, 25% off all green yarn. Yum. They said that it may not appear on checkout if you’re ordering online, but it will be correct on your bill.

Kid Stuff

Time Magazine has published “All Time 100 Greatest Toys.” My favorite section, of course, was the 1980’s. Ah, memories.

It makes me wonder what toys will make the list for the 2010’s. I look at the ones my munchkin loves – temporary tattoos, Barbie, wood blocks, Elmo anything – and wonder which will perservere.

Not coincidentally, Toy Fair was this week, so toys were in the news quite a bit. Most notably, Barbie and Ken got back together (yipee!) and Mr. Potato Head slimmed down (lame.)

3 Steps to Happiness

I’m still reading Zen and the Art of Knitting, and really like the most recent chapter I read. She says a researcher at Harvard has identified 3 steps to happiness:

1. Work on something creative that you’re really invested and interested in

2. That creative project must have a tangible result, such as a cooked meal, a painting or a scarf

3. The item must have a benefit to someone else, such as sharing that meal, or the painting/scarf making someone smile

I’ll add another to the list – 1 Step to a Toddler’s Happiness: jump in puddles. The munchkin was VERY happy on our way out the door Friday morning.

Look how muddy her pants got!

She nearly ruined her cute shoes. So I went shopping online for rain boots.


Source: Amazon

Source: Piperlime


Source: Target


And last but certainly not least, check out this amazing rain coat. As my husband said, “Oh MAN!”

Source: Piperlime