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Hulk Smash!!

I think the world should know that I have PMS. That way I don’t have to be responsible for anything I say or do. Coincidentally, we were watching The Incredible Hulk last night. I felt like I could really relate. Don’t make me angry…you wouldn’t like me angry. Grrr. Ha!

Good stuff. I’m actually not in a bad mood per se, I just feel like my Crohn’s symptoms get worse when I have PMS, even if I’m doing relatively well on my meds, so that uncomfortable feeling makes me moody, I guess  you could say grumpy.

Speaking of green, though, I did get to do a bit of work on my latest knitting project while we watched the movie, and that makes me feel relaxed and happy. It’s coming along well – in fact it’s almost done.

The photo doesn’t show the gorgeous green shade very well – for that, take a look at the original yarn image in this past post. I didn’t make the pattern I thought I would, Annis. It was too complicated for me. This is a different pattern using simple feather & fan. Which I still managed to screw up a little. But it looks okay.


Japan and Knitting

So many knitters are stepping up to help the people of Japan – it’s so heartwarming. Here are a few examples.

Ladydanio on Etsy is donating $3.11 of every purchase to GlobalGiving.org.

Knitwhits is donating 30% of sales to American Red Cross.

PDXKnitteratti is donating 100% of sales of her gorgeous Pacific Shawl pattern to the Red Cross.

Caryl Pierre is donating 20% of her stunning pattern sales to Save the Children (you have to use Ravelry to click on this link.)

RebelYarn on Etsy is donating 25% of sales to Red Cross.

Garilynn is donating 50% of sales to Red Cross.

Each of these donations is for a specific amount of time so check out their websites for full details.

And speaking of Japan and knitting, I visited Habu in New York City, a tiny little knit shop in the fashion district that carries specialty yarn direct from Japan. It’s an amazing place. I took as many photos as I could.





Green Day

They say that everyone’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. Must be true, because I find myself lately really loving all things green.

Source: Cole Haan website.

I. Want. This. Bag.

Source: AlishaGoesAround on Etsy

I bought this gorgeous yarn on Etsy, and it arrived lightening fast. My arthritis is acting up (I think because I put off Humira for a full week when I was sick) but as soon as my joints feel better I’m going to knit Annis:

Source: Knitty.com. I think this pattern will be a challenge for me, but in a good way.

Source for image: Vat19.com. Okay, I know this isn’t green – but how cool is this? It’s called the Chew-Chew Train. I know the munchkin would love it. Attention, grandparents!

Source for image: pureroxinprint on Etsy.com. I love this necklace and covet it. Perfect for any day you need a little luck. Speaking of luck, String NYC is having a sale, today only, 25% off all green yarn. Yum. They said that it may not appear on checkout if you’re ordering online, but it will be correct on your bill.

Picture This – Insane Mother

I have a confession to make. I am “that mother.” You know, THAT mother…? I will explain. I mentioned a while back that it was picture day at the munchkin’s daycare. It was on a Wednesday. On the Friday before I realized she didn’t have nice shoes to wear with her dress, but didn’t do anything about it. That Saturday I started feeling a cold coming on, and by Sunday was barely coherent. That Monday I stayed home from work, and from my sickbed (I’m sure you can imagine it: wadded-up tissues, rumpled sheets, me with a runny nose, wild hair and crazy eyes) I decided I was going to knit her a pair of shoes for picture day. Which was two days later.

I could blame my cold but in actuality I just love to knit and I love the munchkin and I wanted her to look cute and adorable and put-together for this one photo of the year that I know will outlast all others.

Did I mention this was for class picture day? Where the photos are taken from the waist up? But whatever. I figured you’d be able to see them in the group photo, so it would be totally worth it.

So I knit these gorgeous booties from soft delicate brown wool, and sewed on four buttons, and they were perfect. She came home that night and I showed them to her and she ignored them, so I tried to put them on her and she cried and screamed. So.

Wednesday I took her to school for picture day and got her dressed in her dress and booties. She looked ADORABLE. She looked put-together. I was so happy. I left and went to work.

A few days later I ran into a friend whose son is in the same class. She had gone with him to picture day and witnessed the whole thing, including the class photo where they somehow get twelve 2-year-olds to all smile at once (or not.)  She said to me, “I have to admit, during the class picture there were times I wanted to kill you.” Now, this is a woman who I’ve known before our kids were born and who is possibly the sweetest and kindest person I’ve ever known.  So I asked her why, and she told me that the munchkin’s shoes actually broke during the picture, which caused her to yell “SHOES!” and set off a chaos that was nearly impossible to restore.


So a few days ago we got the photos back. They are adorable of course. The class photo is funny as always, with all the kids looking in different directions. And there’s my munchkin, in the back row. THE BACK ROW. You know, the place where you can’t see their shoes?


3 Steps to Happiness

I’m still reading Zen and the Art of Knitting, and really like the most recent chapter I read. She says a researcher at Harvard has identified 3 steps to happiness:

1. Work on something creative that you’re really invested and interested in

2. That creative project must have a tangible result, such as a cooked meal, a painting or a scarf

3. The item must have a benefit to someone else, such as sharing that meal, or the painting/scarf making someone smile

I’ll add another to the list – 1 Step to a Toddler’s Happiness: jump in puddles. The munchkin was VERY happy on our way out the door Friday morning.

Look how muddy her pants got!

She nearly ruined her cute shoes. So I went shopping online for rain boots.

Source: Zappos.com

Source: Amazon

Source: Piperlime

Source: 6PM.com

Source: Target


And last but certainly not least, check out this amazing rain coat. As my husband said, “Oh MAN!”

Source: Piperlime

Superbowl Woo!

It’s possible that yesterday was the best Superbowl Sunday of my life. We didn’t actually watch the game, but who cares!  Our friends came over with their daughter, and our two munchkins immediately bonded by putting on tutus and dancing to a CD.  The dads bonded over ribs, cooked on the outdoor grill for 5 hours. Mmm. And of course the moms hit the 20% off sale at our local yarn shop, where they also happened to be selling Girl Scout Cookies. It does not get better than that.

Image from Knitty.com

I purchased yarn to make the Knitty lunchbag.  I also bought a magazine (Knitscene) that published a new pattern by Courtney Kelley, and two balls of Kaffe Fassett designed sock yarn.

So this morning the munchkin was in a good mood, but accidentally hit herself in the head, started to cry, and then – in a pathetic little whine – asked to watch TV. (She pronounces it teeveeT.) Since she was sick last week we let her watch TV nearly every day. But this morning we said no, which made her whine more. So I hugged her close to me and said, “We can’t possibly watch TV – we can’t waste time doing that – we have to spend every moment making you feel better!” She instantly stopped crying, looked at us, smiled widely and said “I feel better!” Sigh.


One of my pregnant friends asked for photos of the munchkin’s room, since she’s currently working on her own nursery. So then I thought, ooh, I can make that a blog post. (Flodder.)

My husband and I put a lot of work into it and we’re really proud of it. And we think the munchkin likes it too.

This is her crib, which has her special “color blanket” hanging on the side. (Although when she says it, it sounds like she’s saying “cuddle blanket,” which is very cute.) She loves that blanket. And so do I – I used to go every week to a knitting group, and when I was really pregnant I stopped going because I felt too huge to move, and then when I had the munchkin I just became overwhelmed and stopped having any free time to go. So, one day I get a call from the knit shop’s owner, a friend of mine, who says – I have something for you and I’m leaving it outside your door. A few hours later I checked, and there it was – a beautiful blanket, each square knit by a member of the knitting group. It was so meaningful – and you know what, it’s really soft and machine washable too. We’re so lucky. (By the way, she also made the munchkin the coveted Baby Surprise Jacket. Swoon.)

Above the crib hangs the mobile my husband and I made before she was born. We made animals that we thought she’d get to see in the neighborhood – a dog, cat, squirrel, bird and rabbit.

Then we have the rocking chair (actually my dad’s old LaZBoy with a slipcover on it) and draped over that is the absolutely incredible blanket my grandma knit. Above it hangs two paintings by Bren Bataclan, who I was lucky enough to meet many years ago when his art was a little more affordable than now (but I’d still buy his art now…I am a huge fan!)

I love this adorable and sweet needlepoint that my mother-in-law (or as my aunt liked to say, mother-in-love) made for us!

Then the closet and dresser. The doors in her room, by the way, are painted a lovely pale green and the walls are pale blue. We thought she was going to be a boy. But I still like it this way.

Above the dresser is another art project we did before the munchkin was born. We took photos of all our family members in profile (including our cat!) and used photoshop + paint + exacto knife to create silouhettes. We used the paint that we used on the walls and doors. I love how it came out.

The fourth wall of the room has her diaper table, and above it we hung a needlepoint my mom did for my room back in the day (“the day” being the 1970’s). Above that my husband hung geese he made out of food boxes headed for the recycling bin. For a while when the munchkin wouldn’t sit still for diaper changes, these kept her sort of occupied.

The bottom shelf of the diaper table holds many of her books. As you probably noticed, they’re also throughout the room. Actually, they’re throughout the house. Like her parents she loves books, which makes us very happy.