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No Way. NO WAY. No Way.

So, as I posted the other day, I’m getting creeped out by having to exercise outside in the dark, even though I live in a safe neighborhood. I was wishing that my apartment building was fancier with a gym inside, because then I could exercise inside without even having to step outside. Even one treadmill would be nice.

So this morning I decided instead of going outside I’d do my speed walking in the building’s basement. It’s a really large building, and even though we’ve lived there a year I’ve still not explored all of it. I was hoping that doing laps in the basement would be interesting, and would definitely be warmer and less comfortable than going outside. Imagine my complete and utter surprise this morning when I turned the corner on lap one to find an exercise room. NO WAY. Seriously. An exercise room. It’s nothing fancy, in fact it’s part of one of the laundry rooms, but it has two treadmills and an eliptical trainer. No way! I am saved!


Running Therapy

I’m trying hard to go about my life, but I keep having to go to doctors and get blood tests and put everything on hold because of my stupid body. In other words, same old. But this time, it’s not because of Crohn’s.

As those who’ve been reading know, I started running about two months ago. I’ve been doing Chubby Jones’ couch to 5k in an effort to get in shape and not lose my mind. But a few weeks ago, my knee started to hurt while I was running. Then it started to hurt even when I wasn’t running. So here I go again to the doctor, but this time it’s the orthopedist. And at the same time, I’m still doing my weekly blood tests that I’ve had to do since the miscarriage, so they can see if my hormone levels are still raised. (Ben and Jerry’s can tell you based on how well their stock is doing that yes indeed my hormones are still raised, but that’s another topic, thankyouverymuch Chocolate Therapy.)

Image from Ben & Jerry’s website.

Anyway. Since I was diagnosed with Crohn’s about a decade ago, going to the doctor is pretty much old hat. But for the first time in a while I’m going and I don’t really feel confident that I know what I’m doing. Should I be going to an orthopedist or Dr. Max, my rheumatologist? Does my knee hurt because of the running, my stupid Crohn’s, or the miscarriage maybe? So I’ve been doing what any geek worth her salt does today – crowdsourcing. I’ve been asking EVERYONE’s opinion. My sister, who runs triathlons, told me I’ll have to get an orthopedist someday so may as well do it now. My friend Eugene, who does Tough Mudder (crazy bastard) thought it was weird that I was having knee problems and told me that I should be having shin splints instead. My friend Mo, who doesn’t run but does have RA and takes Humira like I do, told me I shouldn’t be running at all and that instead I should ride a bike. He’s never seen me try to ride a bike, so I can’t blame him for the recommendation. But watching me trying to ride a bike is like watching a toddler try to send an email. It’s a little cute, mostly awkward, you know it’s not going to work and probably someone is going to get hurt. Last time we went for a little afternoon ride, a man my dad’s age in a car pulled over to shout encouragement out his window – it was that clear to passing motorists that I was a mess. Anyway.

So I made an appointment for next Friday at the orthopedist’s, and I’m going to give Dr. Max a call today. I’m also going to see my new GI next week, so I feel like I have all the bases covered.

Because here’s the thing – I need to keep running. Before I started, I was sliding into a deep dark place that I don’t think I could have gotten out of any other way. I joke that running has saved my sanity, but joking aside – running has saved my sanity.

Vacation Highlights

We took a 10 day vacation to the middle of America, and in the back of my head the whole time was flodder.

Which is nice. Because even when the worst things happen, I can say, well at least it will make a good story for my blog.

Like the flight being delayed. So that a one hour trip turned into 14. Like having a headache for 3 days afterward that got so bad I went to an urgent care center, and they told me I was having a migraine and gave me a shot of painkillers. In my tush. And like me hearing the nurse afterward telling another nurse that she forgot her glasses today, so could she please make sure she just gave me the correct shot? Mmm hmm, flodder.

We did have a great trip, though, if for no other reason because we got to be with family. It pains me how little time I get to see even my husband and daughter, so to get to spend a lot of time with them was bliss.

I’ve decided to take up golf, so while there I bought a golf glove and took a lesson. I immediately learned that I am horrible at golf, and I think I’m going to love it. It’s been a while that I took on a challenge that’s just for me. And a very long while since I took up a challenge that involved exercise. We do not speak of the karate lessons of 2003 or the dance lessons of 2004 or the karate lessons of 2006.

Anyway, one more highlight of our trip happened on the way home – we were returning the rental car and walking through the parking garage to the airport, and I was holding the munchkin in my arms. She was still very sleepy – it was 4:30 in the morning.

“Who that man?” she asked me, her tiny voice growing large as it reverberated around the parking garage. I could hear the steps of a man behind me, so I told her, “He’s going to the airport too, to catch a plane, just like us.”

She responded “Where his hair go?”

Oh. God. Sure enough, a moment later the man passed us in a huff, receeding hairline and all.

That’s a milestone to be sure – first time the munchkin embarrasses us by insulting a stranger.

Here’s a little family photo from our trip, taken from the Chicago bean seen above.

3 Steps to Happiness

I’m still reading Zen and the Art of Knitting, and really like the most recent chapter I read. She says a researcher at Harvard has identified 3 steps to happiness:

1. Work on something creative that you’re really invested and interested in

2. That creative project must have a tangible result, such as a cooked meal, a painting or a scarf

3. The item must have a benefit to someone else, such as sharing that meal, or the painting/scarf making someone smile

I’ll add another to the list – 1 Step to a Toddler’s Happiness: jump in puddles. The munchkin was VERY happy on our way out the door Friday morning.

Look how muddy her pants got!

She nearly ruined her cute shoes. So I went shopping online for rain boots.

Source: Zappos.com

Source: Amazon

Source: Piperlime

Source: 6PM.com

Source: Target


And last but certainly not least, check out this amazing rain coat. As my husband said, “Oh MAN!”

Source: Piperlime

A Much-Needed Hug

They say time heals all wounds. But it’s been more than a year since my grandpa died, and it still hurts just as much as the day it happened. But, thinking about him makes me happy, and I had a very happy moment this weekend at my parents’ house – they’re cleaning out some old things and I found a pile of mail that had been sent to me when I was a freshman at college. In that pile were several letters from my grandpa. They’re the only ones I have – I thought they were gone forever.

The letters are a like big box of handmade chocolates, waiting for me to eat them – I know that they’ll each be so wonderful and I just want to hold off on devouring the whole thing at once.

I put one of the letters in my purse on my way out the door this morning, and just finished reading it. It’s just a typical letter, about what they did that week and a vacation they were planning. It’s short, on plain lined paper, blue ink. His handwriting reminds me of my mom’s. It makes me think of him sitting there at his big wooden desk, full of life, full of love, him thinking about me. I miss him. I miss him so bad.

He signs the letter “Kisses and Hugs and Love, Grandpa.” And then, “PS – Never send money (cash) through the mail. Here is 10 bucks from Grandma.”

Superbowl Woo!

It’s possible that yesterday was the best Superbowl Sunday of my life. We didn’t actually watch the game, but who cares!  Our friends came over with their daughter, and our two munchkins immediately bonded by putting on tutus and dancing to a CD.  The dads bonded over ribs, cooked on the outdoor grill for 5 hours. Mmm. And of course the moms hit the 20% off sale at our local yarn shop, where they also happened to be selling Girl Scout Cookies. It does not get better than that.

Image from Knitty.com

I purchased yarn to make the Knitty lunchbag.  I also bought a magazine (Knitscene) that published a new pattern by Courtney Kelley, and two balls of Kaffe Fassett designed sock yarn.

So this morning the munchkin was in a good mood, but accidentally hit herself in the head, started to cry, and then – in a pathetic little whine – asked to watch TV. (She pronounces it teeveeT.) Since she was sick last week we let her watch TV nearly every day. But this morning we said no, which made her whine more. So I hugged her close to me and said, “We can’t possibly watch TV – we can’t waste time doing that – we have to spend every moment making you feel better!” She instantly stopped crying, looked at us, smiled widely and said “I feel better!” Sigh.


Ew, snow. I’m sick of you.

We got somewhere around 16 inches this week, most of which was within 24 hours. These photos are of our sidewalk, fence and street. I actually made it out of the house and got to work most days this week, which felt like an accomplishment in itself.

Speaking of accomplishment, I’m nerdily excited about the new Foursquare badge, Handmade Hero, which you can get by checking in to any three craft-type stores (including yarn shops, of course.) Did I need a reason to go into these stores? No! But here is one anyway. Love.

Image from Amazon.com

Speaking of knitting and accomplishments, my friend Courtney published a book this week! I ordered it on Amazon and was instantly disappointed that it won’t ship until the end of February. I am dying to see it.

Image from Amazon

And speaking of publishing a book, another fellow I know, Kevin, published his book this week also, and it reached #3 overall on Amazon. I’m excited to read this too! Good stuff.