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So I saw Dr. Max yesterday, and he doesn’t think what I’m going through is Lupus-related (hip hip hooray!) He took a blood test to be sure, and I’ll find out results later in the week.

In the meantime, he thinks I have a lung and/or sinus infection, and started me on antibiotics, as well as advised I don’t take my Humira dose until I’m better. He also wants me taking Mucinex every 12 hours.

I woke up at 4:30 this morning in PAIN. The antibiotics and my stomach are not friends. I just couldn’t get comfortable, and it still really hurts. I am dreading my second dose, but since it’s just a 5-day course I’m hoping that I can power through.
I’m so congested that I can’t breathe or hear, and my lungs are burning like I just ran a few blocks. Awesome! I think I deserve a little present, don’t you? Time to go online shopping…


Doctor Today

I am actually really looking forward to going to the rheumatologist today. I woke up feeling awful. I feel weak, and my throat and lungs feel like they’re burning from all the coughing.

In my heart of hearts I hope I’ve just been unlucky enough to catch cold after cold these past two months. Let’s see!

Sick Again, Again…Again

I can’t believe that I’m sick again. I have this nasty foghorn cough and suspect I may have a fever too. Needless to say I wasn’t able to take Humira yesterday.  I feel like caaa- rap.

I just don’t know why I keep getting sick. I was just sick 2 weeks ago, and then a few weeks before that too.

3 Steps to Happiness

I’m still reading Zen and the Art of Knitting, and really like the most recent chapter I read. She says a researcher at Harvard has identified 3 steps to happiness:

1. Work on something creative that you’re really invested and interested in

2. That creative project must have a tangible result, such as a cooked meal, a painting or a scarf

3. The item must have a benefit to someone else, such as sharing that meal, or the painting/scarf making someone smile

I’ll add another to the list – 1 Step to a Toddler’s Happiness: jump in puddles. The munchkin was VERY happy on our way out the door Friday morning.

Look how muddy her pants got!

She nearly ruined her cute shoes. So I went shopping online for rain boots.

Source: Zappos.com

Source: Amazon

Source: Piperlime

Source: 6PM.com

Source: Target


And last but certainly not least, check out this amazing rain coat. As my husband said, “Oh MAN!”

Source: Piperlime

A Much-Needed Hug

They say time heals all wounds. But it’s been more than a year since my grandpa died, and it still hurts just as much as the day it happened. But, thinking about him makes me happy, and I had a very happy moment this weekend at my parents’ house – they’re cleaning out some old things and I found a pile of mail that had been sent to me when I was a freshman at college. In that pile were several letters from my grandpa. They’re the only ones I have – I thought they were gone forever.

The letters are a like big box of handmade chocolates, waiting for me to eat them – I know that they’ll each be so wonderful and I just want to hold off on devouring the whole thing at once.

I put one of the letters in my purse on my way out the door this morning, and just finished reading it. It’s just a typical letter, about what they did that week and a vacation they were planning. It’s short, on plain lined paper, blue ink. His handwriting reminds me of my mom’s. It makes me think of him sitting there at his big wooden desk, full of life, full of love, him thinking about me. I miss him. I miss him so bad.

He signs the letter “Kisses and Hugs and Love, Grandpa.” And then, “PS – Never send money (cash) through the mail. Here is 10 bucks from Grandma.”

Picture Day

Did I mention that yesterday I shoveled snow for 20 minutes? Perhaps I was just trying to forget. But my body won’t let me forget today. I am SO achy.

Today is already a supermom day, and when I say supermom I’m being completely sarcastic. It’s picture day at the munchkin’s daycare, and I was feeling very driven to do everything I could to deliver the munchkin to school 1 – on time, 2 – not covered in food or drool, 3 – wearing photo-suitable clothing. None of this was nearly as easy as it sounds.

We ended up getting there a little later than I’d hoped, but still on time, she was covered in food and drool but I was able to comb most of the cheese out of her hair, and I had brought a spare outfit, which (by an absolute miracle) she let me put on her without screaming.
Okay, I’ve had coffee and Tylenol and I’m ready for the rest of the day.