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No Way. NO WAY. No Way.

So, as I posted the other day, I’m getting creeped out by having to exercise outside in the dark, even though I live in a safe neighborhood. I was wishing that my apartment building was fancier with a gym inside, because then I could exercise inside without even having to step outside. Even one treadmill would be nice.

So this morning I decided instead of going outside I’d do my speed walking in the building’s basement. It’s a really large building, and even though we’ve lived there a year I’ve still not explored all of it. I was hoping that doing laps in the basement would be interesting, and would definitely be warmer and less comfortable than going outside. Imagine my complete and utter surprise this morning when I turned the corner on lap one to find an exercise room. NO WAY. Seriously. An exercise room. It’s nothing fancy, in fact it’s part of one of the laundry rooms, but it has two treadmills and an eliptical trainer. No way! I am saved!


Level 4 of Running

Yesterday I hit level four of the Chubby Jones podcast, which meant I got up to five minutes of non-stop running. I am so proud of me. Last week I took a few photos of my sleepy little town at 5:30 a.m. as I cooled down.

I love seeing the colors that the sunrise makes.


I was interested to know how I’d be clocked, but I didn’t even register. Soooo slooooow.

So Slow

I’m on week 3 of couch to 5k with Chubby Jones. I’m so slow it takes me a week and a half to do each week. I’m so slow it takes me 45 minutes to do a 20 minute session. I’m so slow that I walk faster than I run.


But, my tummy is just about flat again. And I RAN THREE MINUTES STRAIGHT today. TWICE! Holy frijoles, anyone who knows me knows that’s nothing short of a miracle.


At the beginning of my run I was feeling some very negative thoughts, mostly centering around that I wasn’t sure if I could do it, and also that I wasn’t sure I’d be able to keep this up ongoing. What about winter, when it’s cold and icy outside, how will I run then? Will I ever even be able to do a 5k? And so on. My first 90-second run was horrible. I was panting and couldn’t catch my breath. And it was all because of the negativity. So during the next 90 seconds as I walked, I gave myself a pep talk. It went something like this: “Actually, I can do this, because I thought I couldn’t before I even started and look at me now. And you know what? F**k that miscarriage. F**k Crohn’s. F**k it all, I’m going to do this, and I’m going to ace it.”


And I’m not kidding – I aced that three minute run.


I was slow. But I did it.

Chubby Jones!

So, I’ve officially been running for two weeks. I’m not sure if I’d call it running, though. What is it called when you run slower when you walk?

Every other morning I put on my shoes and gross t-shirt and shorts, grab my iPod and try to walk briskly out the door without tripping. Then I continue the five minute warm-up, Chubby Jones in my ear, and try not to trip. Then I do the alternate run/walk as she tells me to, focusing mostly on not tripping. So far, I mostly haven’t tripped that much.

So, two things are surprising: one, that I’ve had a few runs where I’ve only tripped once, but also the feeling I have when I do it. I feel good. Really good. I thought I’d feel TERRIBLE. But I feel like I’m doing something good for myself, and since I’m focusing on not tripping I can have that time to not focus on any other issues or problems I have in my life. It’s just me time. And then afterward, even though I’m not going too fast or too long, I do believe I’m getting that fabled runner’s high.

And Chubby Jones is awesome. She’s on iTunes, and I highly recommend her podcast.

Running… Away?

I’m trying to get in the best shape imaginable (rather than my current shape, which is essentially blob) and decided to take up running. I have several family members who run, and they all told me, “it’s so great, it’s so easy, you just have to buy shoes!”

I’m feeling really encouraged, like I can really do this. Even though technically whenever I try to do something physical, like put one foot in front of the other, I usually end up tripping. I’m pretty klutzy.

I’m heading to the running shop today to get a recommendation on shoes, and I’ve downloaded the Chubby Jones podcast for couch to 5k, which takes you slowly week-by-week until you can run for 30 minutes straight.

I’m excited. And scared. I’m excared.